A popup calendar with rofi and python3

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naïf, naïve n. adj.

1. LITTERAIRE Qui est naturel, sans artifice, spontané. Art naïf, art populaire, folklorique. — Un peintre naïf.

2. COURANT Qui est plein de confiance et de simplicité par ignorance, par inexpérience. ➙ candide, ingénu, simple. — Qui exprime des choses simples que tout le monde sait. Remarque naïve. ➙ simpliste.


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  • Interactive : Cycle through calendar months by months, years by years.

  • Locale support : Automatic or force desired one

  • Events : Create notes linked to days, create multiple notes types, switch between them, (link to other app?), display your caldav events

  • Customize : change themes, content, symbols, shortcuts with text files, switch on the fly

  • Integrate : use it in your scripts and make them more interactive: open on a particular date, request a date, copy-to-clipboard.

Author note

This script/programm/app/whatever you call it, is a spare time and learning purpose project, nevertheless I hope you will find it useful. I intended this rofi diversion to be used with my polybar/i3 installation.

Although it’s seems working fine to me, there might be still some (ok, there are) bugs, so feel free to open an issue for any comment or consideration.