Those are official/example themes.

To apply a theme :

  • go to menu > swith theme

  • set command line optioh -t or –theme with file name (without extention) as argument.

Sources & Inspirations:

User : classic, extended, compact, sparse

Naivecalendar can follow user global rofi color theme (~/.config/rofi/config.rasi) This must work well with almost all rofi official themes (rofi-theme-selector) and propably yours.

Dark & Light : classic, extended, variant

classic dark classic light

classic dark extended classic light extended

classic_dark_variant classic_light_variant

Compact : dark, light, retro-blue

classic dark compact classic light compact retro blue compact

Nord : round & square

round light nord square dark nord

Modern : blue & wedgewood

modern blue modern wedgewood

Magnolia, carbon gold, pastel blue & slate

magnolia carbon gold pastel blue slate

Misc : paper-float, lead pencil, blackboard & material

paper-float lead pencil blackboard material_darker